Monday, February 9, 2009


Breton and I decided to make some cookies a couple of weeks ago. Breton ran the mixer and I put the ingredients in. We were hoping to get some pictures of flour all over us and Breton trying to eat cookie dough. He wanted to stay clean though it was pretty funny. Every time he got some thing on him he would get down wash his hands and then come back over to help again. When they were done it was a different story. He wanted to eat every single one of them and had chocolate all over his face.

Trip to grandma Gigi's for the night!!

This was a great day for Leslie and me. Breton wanted to talk to Gigi on the phone (my mom).
When she came on he said, "I want to spend the night with Gigi!!!!" So Gigi couldnt help but say yes. So we packed him up and sent him on his way for the night. It was really the first night he had spent without us in months. But he sure looks cute heading out for the night.

Raquetball yeah!!!!!

Breton and I have decided to take up raquetball. In doing this we want to make sure we fit in with all the guys that play at our gym. So I decided to have Breton dress the part and see how he looks to make sure that I would look good as well. Raquetball is what gets me to the gym every morning literally. This little monster will come into my room about 7:30 to 8:00 every morning and peel my eyes open and the give the raquetball battle cry. If you could only hear it. It is the most bone chilling (most effective way to wake "daddy up" every morning) warrior yell one could imagine. Sometimes we have up to 8 spectators cheering Breton on.
Breton recently recieved a sock monkey from his Grandma Ann. He has decided that one should think twice before trying to put him to bed without it. In this particular picture Breton is trying to figure out how to stay up with mommy and daddy. He went into his room got his sock monkey and positioned the pillows on the couch and laid down while we were not paying attention so we decided to take the picture before we put him to bed.

One would think this picture was taken around christmas because of the tree in the background. The truth is we were a little slow in taking down the tree this year and this was taken about the 14th or 15th of January. The funny thing is that has nothing really to do with the picture. The picture is all about the t-shirt that Breton is wearing. This is Leslie's t-shirt from kindergarten. We found it and she decided Breton should get some good use out of the shirt. I am not sure if Leslie was really small or Breton as a two year old was as big as his mom as a 5 year old.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

After my trip to College Station, we finally got our Christmas tree up. It kindof leans a little- time for a new one. Breton is much more involved this year with decorating. I think 3 glass ornaments have been broken so far. And sometimes, we find a random baseball thrown into the tree.

Breton was the ring bearer a few weeks ago. We had to do some adjusting to the legs (thanks Grandma Janice). Breton absolutely loved it so much, he couldn't stop kissing himself in the mirrow. . . More pics and comments to come.

He Will Hate Me For This

Halloween 2008

Breton loves watching Texas Tech football so he was Michael Crabtree, the best wide receiver in the nation, for Halloween. Of course, there were a few minor little differences between him and Crabtree.